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Andros Southern Area Trip Document by Gary Thompson

Andros Southern Area Trip Document by Gary Thompson

Gary Thompson, the master of fishermen All travel Shop in Denver, hosted a group of fishermen at Andros South latest period. The guy sent all of us this report on his travels, so we merely had to move it on.

Anglers All Andros Southern Excursion Report

  1. 20 below zero temperatures in Jackson, WY
  2. Three cold temperatures storms hammer the Mid-Atlantic states in as numerous era
  3. The ninety-day sentence in Denver until spring season angling arrives

Could you consider three best reasons to trade in the accumulated snow spade for flip-flops? We emerged on February sixth because says were getting a-weather spanking from a single nation to the other. Getting a welcome caress from 80 extent conditions, manageable breezes and dependable sun, the people’s anticipation was actually run high.

This was all of our second hosted trip to Andros southern area, and also as prior to satisfied with great achievement on several fronts. Counted among features with this excursion are exceedingly dependable fishing ailments to find the best quality bonefish, a good number of period filled up with sunlight making it possible for fantastic sighting circumstances, and reasonably lower winds that makes it very easy to move from one place across island to some other.

We had been fortunate for big environment. This caused it to be possible for all of us to really make the visit to the southern area island three out in our six angling days. The cluster regarded the south isle the best with respect to diverse fishing grounds together with sized fish. No matter climate conditions though, among definite distinctions in comparison go to website to other countries for the Bahamas, and what makes Andros southern area such a wonderful fishery, will be the flexibility it gives to acquire big fishing regardless of what our mother earth offers your. The options is practically limitless a€“ creek angling for tailing limbs, houses walking for singles on hard bottoms combined with turtle grass, or huge white mud flats casting to large institutes.


Bonefish the month averaged 4-5 pounds. with a periodic 6-9 lb bonefish. I cannot remember people boating significantly more than the sporadic fish under 3 lbs for any times. Folks within people treasured a reliable typical of between 5-10 bonefish per day with a periodic barracuda sprinkled set for the ones that desired a violent pull many type. Pockets of much deeper drinking water and red coral minds just at the coast make this a great location to cast a fly to large barracuda and sharks.


Travel selection when it comes down to week had been garden variety, though it’s advisable to focus on large designs, dimensions 2 as well as 1/0. Pete’s Pink Bahama Bomb, Idyl’s Big bone tissue father and Mantis Tan Shrimp comprise all efficient habits. People tying their very own flies, I can provide many ideas a€“ need contrasting shades up against the base, and can include orange egg sacks on every fly, substantial using lengthy plastic feet, and ESTAZ in OPAL ROOTBEAR. Finally, flies with big reddish thread minds proved to be uniquely more productive.

So far as gadgets can be involved, we consistently caught the seafood on 7 a€“ 8 body weight rapid motion rods. We took a Sage 691-4 TCX for giggles and finished up utilizing it as a mainstay on less windy times. What a-blast that has been! It’s a wise decision to shorten your own leadership a€“ in all honesty I ideal hand-spun leaders especially on large seafood. These fish are not leader-shy after all, but precision, start along with cushion become vital whenever casting to big seafood.

We can not state adequate about the company of this lodge, the hospitality on the team, and proficiency associated with guides. Everything from accessories to items to transportation got just right. Just what an excellent trip!

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